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After delivering over 2000 business growth trainings in 26 different countries, our methods and mentorship has reached over 400,000 Business Owners and Professionals offline and over 3 Million combined with online. Spanning the globe, our mission is to identify the consistently emerging best practices in strategy, leadership, technology, marketing, sales and all other aspects of business acceleration.

Combine that with two decades of Advanced Human Potential studies stretching from San Francisco to India, the Middle East to Europe and you are sure to have the best techniques and coaches guiding you.

Kane & Alessia | Achievements & Highlights


Countries and over 2000 presentations delivered


Professionals impacted by our methods and mentorships


Business currently in our mentorship program


Awards won by our companies for our business practices
Owned and operated over 40 of their own companies turning over more than $300M.
Won numerous international awards and featured in over 330 Media channels for excellence.
International community of clients supporting each other’s access and growth.
Recognised with international awards for their methods.
Personally invited to join Sir Richard Branson, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosoki and more to teach our business principles on global stages.
Award Winning Branding & Packaging Systems
Our Intensive Training will teach you our award-winning branding formula that will help you differentiate yourself from your competition and attract the right leads for your business
Cutting Edge Digital Marketing Techniques
Profit speaking is the #1 tool that will grow your brand and help you attract higher qualified leads. Let Kane Minkus show you all the little secrets that make this art so profitable
World Class Sales & Negotiation Training
Our Sales & Negotiation Course helps every day hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world to convert the leads they get into paying clients

Global Recognised Thought Leaders

The World’s Most Powerful Psychology, Influence & Mindset Tools
Learn the top influence techniques. Become the greatest version of yourself and make a bigger impact in the world
Presentation & Profit Speaking Mastery
In the 90 Day Leverage Challenge, you will learn how you can use cutting edge technology to automatize and leverage your business to make a bigger impact in the world

Upcoming Events In Your Region


Impact & Influence

3-day conference


15–17 November 2019 – AZ

Start At The Top

3-day conference

San Diego

13–15 December 2019 – CA

Europe & UAE

Start At The Top

3-day conference


1–3 November 2019 – Switzerland

World-Class Speaker

3-day conference


9–11 November 2019 – United Kingdom


Start At The Top

3-day conference


11–13 October 2019

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